Hey guys, I have got this awesome new beach outfit from revolve at such an affordable price, which makes me happy and satisfied. This nico dress is black and sleek .It fits my body perfectly and makes me look slim and smart. It also has other colors available in it. It is of 338$ and you can pay for it in four installments. 

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Hey beauties I am Kristy, I am a blogger and I live in Birmingham which is a US state.I am single and spending my life experimenting in fashion as well as beauty. I live in my apartment alone which I decorated myself; I love to hang out with my friends and cousins. I am also a quite big hoodie; I visit different places eat their food and give honest reviews about it.I am deeply invested in nail art and went to a fashion school. I love to buy clothes and accessories and then try to make a new look every time.I usually love to wear long sequence dresses to parties or night outs and then in day outs, the simple basic white tee with denim jeans.I also spend most of the time in buying beauty products and I am very particular about my night, morning and daily skincare routine. I would love it if you guys visit my blog and know more about me and my fashion sense.

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Hi lovelies what sup, I know you guys must be worried to find an outfit for a night out so here I am to recommend an attractive dress for you to wear. I got the dress from revolve. It is cute and stylish. This white silk dress is making my body look slim and smart. It is smooth and fully lined. It covers my thighs and makes me look elegant. It has a hidden zip closure and adjustable strap and unpadded underwire cups. You can look for more dresses like this at revolve.

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Hey guys! How are you? New year is just around the corner and there are going to be many parties held soon to celebrate and I am certain some of you are going to have trouble picking your outfit so here I am suggesting some alluring dresses. I got the dress and its jewelry from revolve. I got this Vegan Leather Corset Bustier from revolve, it has a cheap price, it is available in three colors; pink, black and white but personally my favorite is pink.

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