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Hey guys, I have got this awesome new beach outfit from revolve at such an affordable price, which makes me happy and satisfied. This nico dress is black and sleek. It fits my body perfectly and makes me look slim and smart. It also has other colors available in it. It is 338$ and you can pay for it in four installments. It has a Front cut-out with twisted detail at the bust.

Another dress that I really like is the Aster Halterneck Beach Dress which has a floral design and is made up of different colors. It also has a side slit to it, and waist and back cut-outs of flowy matte satin fabric with a side seam slit.

To go with the dress I have a transparent heel with leather lining. I got it from Tony Bianco. It is 410$ and I also got a fedora hat to go with my outfit to save myself from the sun as well as to add style to my outfit.

You have to wear jewelry to style your outfit I got my shiny ornaments from revolve. This chain bracelet set is gold in color and comes in a three sets and got gold hoop earrings from RYA hoops. This perfect beach look was appreciated by everyone and I had fun sharing it with you guys.

If you want to look for more of my looks check out my other blogs. Until then goodbye.

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