Home Lifestyle for Occasions With Decent Food and Decorations

Home Lifestyle for Occasions With Decent Food and Decorations

After the turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, decorating is the most important part of Thanksgiving dinner. Creating a space that resembles traditional Thanksgiving decor but also takes into account your personal needs (i.e. the size of your gathering, budget, limited time, etc.) may seem like a challenge, but it certainly is. it is not insurmountable. I’ve rounded up nine easy ways to decorate for Thanksgiving this year, no matter how much time or money you have to spend. These ideas make it easy to whip up something last minute if you need to and save your entire budget for Thanksgiving punch.

Let The Food Be The Star

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After all, Thanksgiving is all about food. You can get away with minimal decorations as long as you have beautiful plates of food front and center. Be sure to use your best serving pieces and take extra time to plate each dish like a food stylist (tip: a little garnish is always a good idea). When in doubt, a fall-themed charcuterie board can double as a centerpiece and refreshment for guests until the main course is ready.

Add A Place Card For Each Seat

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Nothing will make your guests feel more welcome than having individual place cards with their names on them at each seat. This Thanksgiving decorating idea can be as simple as writing each person’s name on a small card and placing it under the napkin on their plate. For an added garnish, attach a small piece of greenery (a sprig of rosemary or sage works perfectly here!) to each place card to add texture and fragrance.

Use Miniature Pumpkins As Decorations

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When it comes to Thanksgiving decorating, pumpkins and gourds are about as classic as it gets. For your tablescape, opt for the miniature versions so you can place them between the plates or place one on each plate. Whether you pick up some real pumpkins from a local farm or invest in fake options that you can reuse year after year, a few small pumpkins will add something special to your table.

Add A Touch of Nostalgia With A Tablecloth

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There is something so delightfully traditional and nostalgic about tablecloths. Give a nod to the “good old days” with a simple linen look or ask a family member if you can borrow one from their collection. I love using tablecloths for any occasion where I want to feel more dressed up, and tossing them in the washing machine afterwards makes clean-up a breeze.

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