My Beauty Products Under 30 Dollars

Hi guys, I want to share with you some beauty products which I got from Sephora under 30 dollars. These items are remarkable and have the best quality. I love makeup and I believe Sephora is the bestselling brand for makeup. The first thing is these makeup brushes which are soft for your skin and has good quality so that it doesn’t damage your skin. They are on 5% off and are just for dollar 27.55.It is a pack of five.

The next is this Eye Bento Bouncy Eye shadow Trio which has glittery and shimmery texture to it. It is perfect for a party look etc. It is matte and has a shimmer pigment.

This perfect outrageous plumping lip gloss is best to make your lips look plumpy and full. It is pink in color, it also has different colors available in it and is of just 12.35$ on 5% off. It gives a high lip shine because it is made up of different essential oils. It keeps the lips hydrated as well stays fresh for 24 hours.

I got this primer which is now of 17$ on 5% off. This primer gives a stay look for 12 hours. It keeps the face hydrated as well and gives of a radiant finish at the end.

The next thing is Huda beauty easy bake loose baking and setting powder, it gives a medium coverage plus matte finish. It removes the appearance of pores and lines. It is melt proof makeup.

The last thing is the Sephora lip balm which makes the lips smooth and it gives a pleasant smell to the lips.

Now you guys can also get your makeup under 30$.

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