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Home decor stuff is available online on Mint store with decoration and furniture items that are on sale online. This worth-trying sale is on for a discount spree on home items that can make a good difference to your own residence. This seasonal sale is on for those who want to make their homes furnished or renovated to get the best choice of the year for the complete home.

When designing your home, you don’t have to order from the kids’ menu.
“I have to admit. I dream of having furniture that is not allowed for people with children, pets, or a husband.” Has this thought ever crossed your mind? As an interior decorator and mother of 2 small children, I am the recipient of Lots of whispered confessions, the secret desire to decorate your home in velvet, high-gloss surfaces, and pure white. I get it. I’ve been there. I’m there.

But don’t let those dreams go! Your children will live, eat, and play (ie jump, spill, and destroy) under your roof for at least another 18 years. Enjoy your home now and make it work for your lifestyle as defined today. It is possible to create a home that everyone can enjoy. It would be suffocating for your children to live in a home where they cannot touch the furniture, but it is equally suffocating for you to live in a world of foam and primary colors, even after sleep.

Here are some simple tips when trying to create your family home.


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The variety in texture, fabric color, and materials will help hide a multitude of sins. Velvet is actually a decent choice if it’s a washable fiber like cotton. Try to avoid sofas or chairs with only one color of flat thread in the fabric. This also applies to wood finishes; The rustic or worn look will age gracefully. Avoid veneered wood, once they lose the veneer layer, there is no going back. Variety is especially important in floor coverings; consider a rug with a pattern, hardwood floors with some texture, or tonal variations in the color of the wood.

Washable Walls

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When shopping for wallpaper or paint, ask about washability. You want a surface that cleans up with a little soap and water. The Mint collection has been formulated for easy cleaning.

Protect Your Investments

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Consider treating your furniture with an eco-friendly stain treatment.

Focal Pieces

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Treat yourself to something amazing. Whether it’s a feminine blush velvet cushion or a cobalt and gold enamel lamp, consider a few items as personalized jewelry for the room. Choose a piece that highlights a fun aspect of your personality to add charm.

Storage Baskets

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Mature-looking portable storage; I’m a big fan of wicker or canvas storage bins with adult patterns. If you don’t have anywhere to dump them at the end of the day, cover each bin with a decorative throw or cushion, and voila, ‘cabin chic’.

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