Special Celebrity Outfits for Good Looking Women

Special Celebrity Outfits for Good Looking Women

One thing about our favorite celebrities is that they never shy away from wearing an amazing fall outfit. Celebrities are always ready to embrace the sweater weather vibes. Whether they’re just shopping for groceries and coffee or headlining a late-night talk show, chances are we’ll be drooling over it, hoping to add it to our fall collection. While fall fashion is arguably the best fashion time of the year, fall celebrity fashion is in a whole different ballpark.

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The best part of this drool-worthy scenario? They can serve as all the team inspo. What was that? Did Dakota Johnson wear a jean jacket and loafers? I have a jean jacket and loafers. Sure, the outfit may not look exactly the same as it doesn’t come from her carefully curated wardrobe, but we can put our own spin on it for fall perfection.

Don’t you believe us? These eight celebrity fall outfits are all the inspiration you need for outfits for the rest of the season. Trust us, you’re going to want to take notes.

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Leaving an SNL cast dinner in May, Selena Gomez wore a simple striped sweater that stood out (and became less preppy) when paired with a leather jacket and ankle boots. This combination of outfits is perfect for those fall days when you have things to do but want to look put together at the same time.

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Handsome. Beautiful. Stop show. Autumnal. This outfit is possibly the best we’ve seen so far this season. Heading out to New York City, Gigi Hadid perfectly encapsulated exactly how we want to look for fall. From fall lunches to nights out, this combination of a blazer, button-down shirt and fleece pants is sure to take you anywhere.

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Anne Hathaway at the Michael Kors proves that a turtleneck under a great coat is a perfect match. She gave a clear nod to The Devil Wears Prada with this look, and it reminds us why we wanted to dress like Andy Sachs when we were first introduced to her in 2020.

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