This Is Not a Drill Every Single Thing at Sephora Is on Sale

This Is Not a Drill Every Single Thing at Sephora Is on Sale

Our editors consider Sephora the mecca for all things beauty. For most of us, the first makeup product we bought came from Sephora (and probably a Christmas gift card). Hold a special place in our hearts, whether you live and breathe beauty or visit once a year to restock on your favourites.

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So when Sephora has a sale, our Slack channel explodes. We constantly talk about favourites for different skin types, hair textures, and makeup styles, but all hell breaks loose when we can get those same gems at a lower price.

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In honour of Sephora’s holiday savings event, we’re bringing together each and every one of our favourite products, all in one place. The sale begins on October 28 when all Beauty Insiders get 30% off the Sephora collection.

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Same day Rouge members get 20% off and after that VIBs get 15% off starting November 1st and all Beauty Insiders can shop 10% off November 3rd- November 7 using code SAVINGS, both in store and online.

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Two weeks ago (and naturally, since my previous moisturizer and blush on was at its last hurray), my skin dried out like a desert out of nowhere. When it comes to moisturizers, I don’t compromise too much, so this time I opted for this Farmacy Honey Halo Moisturizer that claimed to visibly plump skin, improve the look of fine lines, and replenish dry, distressed skin. Within a few uses, I immediately understood the hype. It’s super rich, smells great, locks in moisture really well, and has become one of my favourite parts of my skincare routine.

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These mascara for women make up aren’t necessarily new, but the girls on TikTok convinced me to buy them at my last Sephora run. It only took one singular instance of me mixing a few of these drops into my moisturizer to be absolutely hooked. I’ve already lost my summer glow, but this has helped me look tanned (and alive) without the traditional self-tan scent that has made this product a non-negotiable part of my morning routine.

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One of my best friends convinced me to buy the mini version of this hair oil at the Sephora checkout line when I was complaining about my hair feeling dry and I never looked back. As someone who likes to push the limits when it comes to trimming, I struggle with dry ends all the time, but never thought of using a hair oil to help with hydration before? This product comes in an original and a light version, and since I have fine hair, I prefer the light version. A little product goes a long way, it smells like heaven and really works to lock in hydration, especially between haircuts.

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