Womens Beauty Hair Clamps for Make Up Hair Styling

Womens Beauty Hair Clamps for Make Up Hair Styling

There are countless trends we didn’t anticipate would make a comeback: Birkenstocks, low-rise jeans, scrunchies, flared leggings (or yoga pants if you’re a millennial), and fanny packs, to name a few noteworthy comebacks. But claw clips? I don’t know why we didn’t see it coming. In hindsight, Rachel Greene wore one in almost every episode of Friends, so we should have known they would never go out of style.

Womens Beauty Hair Clamps 1

Now that they’re back in full force thanks to Generation Z and stars like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Hailey Bieber and Kaia Gerber, we obviously have something in store for us. But there has been one constant problem: some of us have had a hard time finding the ones that work for our hair type: they’re always too heavy, too big, too small, or somewhere in between.

So if you too are struggling to break into advertising, we get it. Some of our editors with different hair types are joining forces to review different sizes, shapes, and styles of claw clips, so no matter your hair type, you, too, can find the claw clips that work for you.

Claw gripper

Womens Beauty Hair Clamps 3

I was so excited to try this clip out only to be sorely disappointed in how it performed. I could barely get all of my hair in, and once I did, the hold felt tenuous at best. With that said, this clip would probably be great to use when styling curly hair. It’s just not optimal to wear all day.

Giant claw clip

Womens Beauty Hair Clamps 4

I really thought this clip was going to be great. It is advertised as “jumbo”, but compared to the other clips I tried, it wasn’t that big and I had a hard time getting my hair inside. However, it is a beautiful style and, like every other Kitsch product I have tried, it is of great quality. It would be perfect for someone with a little less hair than me.

Hypernova Clip With Two Springs

I have to say when I first saw this clip I laughed at how absolutely huge it is. With that being said, I am so glad it is on the market for people with extremely long and thick locks. While my hair is long and thick, it is not long or thick enough to require a clip of this size. For my Rapunzels though, your search for the perfect clip is over. The double springs make it more secure and the beautiful colors make it the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Dreamy Claw Clip XL

Womens Beauty Hair Clamp 6

If it wasn’t for my eventual winner, Toni Rose’s claw clip would have been my undisputed MVP, it really was that close. This clip is big and strong enough to hold all of my hair without moving, even after a full day of running errands. Bonus: it’s absolutely beautiful. I want all the colors.

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